Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wishing i had a camera...

Laci's "birthday cake" she builds with random-sized boxes for tiers, building blocks, and posing as flowers: tree tops from their farm animal toys.

Jacob's happy face... he's losing his baby fat and looks more like a little boy. I want to capture him now!

And, so many MORE daily moments I want to remember, but have since forgotten...

Jacob sporting his new suit for Easter (since his Christmas one was WAY too big!) Sigh. Mommy really miscalculated on the size, and it's $ I didn't really want to spend, but at least he has something to grow into and our next boy will have a couple of great hand-me-downs. And, if I can say so myself, our little man looks sharp!

My DIY fix of Jacob's clip-on ties. That was not easy, and I did need to employ Jason's help, since I've never actually tied a tie in my life.

My little princess in her Easter dress. I am extremely happy with this find. I originally saw the dress at Burlington Coat Factory in the infant section and SO wished that there was one in Laci's size. Couldn't find one at Christmas. SAD! But, then I saw the dress when I stopped in to get Jacob's suit - only two left, and one in her size! That is a great feeling!

Jason's birthday dinner - chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. And, you can't forget the cheesecake with sliced strawberries and hot fudge drizzled over the top. YUM! (I was nervous for this meal b/c I've only made chicken cordon bleu one other time, and cheesecake can be tricky. But, someone was watching over me making sure Jason had a good meal on his special day b/c everything turned out PERFECTO!)

Before and after pics of my watch makeover. It started out with a red face and red leather straps. I've always loved it, because if you haven't guessed, my favorite color is red. But, when the battery died, I thought, This watch needs a makeover. I've been loving the beaded watches, and I thought, I can make that! So, I did. And, I love it!

Spring flowers popping up everywhere.

Budding trees.

Our new baby coming soon.

Laci starting school.

We desperately need a camera!

I'm not sure when we'll get one, but I do know one thing for sure, I will be buying Laci a little box camera so she won't take mine! (I'd love to encourage her to develop her potential talent, just not with an expensive camera that I plan on using for years to come, ya know?)

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