Friday, April 16, 2010

27 days to go -

or 20, according to my inducement date on May 8th. I'm hoping this little guy chooses to come sooner! Of course, what mother doesn't feel that way by this point? In reality, 27 or 20, there really isn't much time left! YEAH!

The crib is set up, diapers are bought, Jacob's hand-me-downs are pulled out, baby toys set aside. The final task on my list is to vacuum out the car and wash his car seat, which I will be doing tomorrow, thanks to the promising weather report.

We're ready!


Brooke said...

Good luck! I had my baby last night. I had her at a birthing center the natural way. . . was crazy! But she was perfect. I had problems with my placenta and was rushed to the hospital where I ended up in the O.R. and needed blood transfusions. So much for the birthing center experience LOL! I am home now though, just extremely tired and weak!

GOOD LUCK! I hope you meet the itty bitty soon!!

Jackie said...

YAY! I think you should make a paper chain! :)

Mariley Johnson said...

Yeah! You need to find you a camera soon so we can all see that baby boy when he comes!

Candie said...

How exciting. I REALLY need to mail your nursing cover to you! I haven't forgotten... I promise. I think about it everytime I'm on your blog. It feels so nice to know that you are prepred and ready to go. Now it's just up to him to finish "cooking".


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