Thursday, April 8, 2010

more from laci

While I'm very glad that Laci is in speech therapy, I am REALLY going to miss the words and phrases that are uniquely hers. For example,

salsa = salsa & massage
(Okay, she outgrew that one a while ago, but it still makes me smile. She always loved getting a salsa at bedtime, and I was happy to give it because I found the key ingredient to helping her calm down for sleep. Jason and I always gave a knowing grin to each other when she would ask for chips and salsa.)

maggot = magnet

Baba = Grandma Denham (sounds really cute with Papa, too!)

a little minute = one minute
(Mommy, can you come here a little minute?)

all the day long = all day

all the day long and all the days after = forever
(Mommy, I love you all the day long and all the days after.)

There just isn't anything sweeter to a mother's ears!

p.s. Tomorrow is Jason's birthday, the big 3-0! If you feel like "rubbing it in" ;) send him an email wishing him a "happy birthday" at

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Candie said...

These words are so special! I love to remember the little things. Marlie doesn't speak much yet... maybe she'll be in for a little speech therapy like her twin, Laci. But she was saying a few words like "fish" and "horse" 6 months before she ever said "momma"!


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