Tuesday, December 22, 2009

way to go!

Dear Jason -

You always work so hard to provide for our family. Preparing for this test was no exception. You've been studying for weeks: attending classes, staying up late, getting up early, sacrificing your spare time and family activities. All in hopes of doing your very best. Today proved that it was all worth it when you walked away with a GMAT score of 560! Yeah! (And, I think that's impressive - considering you've been out of school for 5 years. I highly doubt I could do that well!)

This is the first step of many as you continue preparing for grad school. I am so proud of you! More than that I'm grateful as I watch how hard you work. I marvel at your capacity as you juggle so much; I'm filled with awe as Father magnifies your abilities so that you can do it all. Thank you for all you do.

I love you,


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


...as in BOY!

Jason and I were worried that Laci would be really disappointed that it's not the girl she's been praying for - literally. But, as soon as we told her it's a boy, it's like she forgot all about wanting a girl. (Whew!) I wonder if she's realized that it's just me and her making up the girls in the family, because she keeps trying to convince me that "you're not my mom, only my friend." (Of course, I tell her that I'm both... I love being her friend, but she has to understand that I'm an authority figure, too - ya know?) She hugs and kisses my stomach several times a day, especially at bedtime or when I drop her off at preschool.

Jacob is still kind of oblivious to it all. He knows a baby is coming, but when asked if he's excited for a new baby, his expression is usually something like, So, where is the baby already? He might figure things out a bit more as my stomach continues to round out in the ensuing months. This arrangement will actually work out really nicely for him, since Laci will be heading off to kindergarten next year. He'll have a brother to play with when she's gone. And, something tells me that Laci and Jacob are always going to be best buds even with a new sibling added to the mix.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

pregnancy cravings!

We all get 'em. And, for one reason or another, we LOVE them! As odd and strange as they may be - or, at the very least, uncharacteristic to what our tastebuds naturally know and love - nothing else will do!

For the time being, anyway...

Cravings with Laci:
Trix cereal. 1st trimester only.

If there were no Trix in the house, fruit loops or skittles would have satisfied the craving, but just weren't quite the same.

Cravings with Jacob:
Chili's Restaurant chips and salsa. Morning, noon, & night! Very strange craving to have, considering that I had only eaten Chili's chips and salsa 2x before my pregnancy. Also really loved spaghetti. Lasted thru 1st trimester.

Blueberry muffins or pancakes. Either one would do. Lasted thru 2nd trimester.

Oddly, no cravings during the 3rd trimester.

Cravings so far with Baby #3:
Mushrooms (as in Beef Stroganoff or mushroom-topped hamburgers, mushrooms on my salad, etc.), fried chicken and/or buffalo wings, jalapeno peppers (especially on my turkey sandwiches!), chicken-flavored top ramen, soda (no specific flavor; the carbonation is lovely!). Change every 2-4 weeks.

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