Thursday, April 29, 2010

my favorite part of the day


And, not because it means that the kids are down for the night. (Although, I won't lie to you, there are some days when I REALLY anticipate that little perk.)

I love it because I get to breath in their yumminess after a bath. It means special one-on-one time with each child reading stories. Being humbled as I listen to their sweet prayers. Seeing the joy light up their faces as we give hugs and kisses - always 3 kinds: peck on the lips, fish kiss, and eskimo kiss.

ALways a wonderful end to ANY day!

AZ girl out of her element

Did I mention the crazy spring weather? May starts on Saturday and it's been snowing ALL day! Really?!

Truthfully, AZ doesn't really have a spring, either. If you blink, you miss it! But UT teases you, going back and forth between winter and spring. Last week was beautiful, low- to mid-70s.

Today? It's snowing! I guess this is what I have to look forward to every year, huh? (This is our second spring here, so I'm still trying to figure out what to expect.) I suppose this means having a coat closet is an absolute necessity. One more thing this AZ girl is not used to!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So, with 15 days left till my due date, I'm of course anticipating a new baby any day! Laci was 10 days early, and Jacob was 6 days late. I really don't know WHEN to expect this little guy's arrival. (At least I have the comfort in knowing that regardless, I will be going in to be induced on the 8th.)

I had a few days last week where I was getting frustrated that my body just wasn't going into labor. I could literally feel the weight of him drop within a couple of days, and feeling like I'm right on the verge - then nothing! Even my braxton hicks contractions - that I never felt with my first two - stopped completely. Any mom close to her due date would tell you THAT is very frustrating! (right, ladies?)

On the other hand, we have had an EXTREMELY busy week, and as I've looked at our calendar would think, please don't come this week! Monday night, our home teacher invited us over for FHE, last night Jason had a welcome reception at the U, Thursday Laci has a friend coming over while the girl's parents move into their new house (I know I'm crazy to make a commitment like that right now, but I'm feeling like our meeting at church on Sunday was more than coincidental and I'm really excited for Laci to make a new friend. That has gone slower for her than we anticipated, since she is our social butterfly.) Friday afternoon is Laci's kindergarten orientation. Then, Friday evening is our ward luau, which Jason signed me up to bring a dessert. While it would be okay to miss any of these things in the event that I have the baby, I would really be sad to miss Laci's kindergarten orientation. This is a first for her. I am really looking forward to going with her, just mommy and daughter, as she learns about this new milestone in her life.

I have my own predictions for when this baby will come:

1) May 1st, the day after all my familial and church obligations are no longer filling up my calendar. This happened with Laci; I took my last final for the summer and went into labor the very next day. It was also two weeks before fall semester started, and gave me just enough time before heading off to class again. I only took Spanish that semester because they had to be consecutive in order to count toward my degree, but still, if she had come 6 days late like Jacob? It would have really messed things up. So, I wouldn't be surprised if that's all my little guy is waiting for.

2) May 7th, one day before I get induced. Sometimes our patience gets tested to the 11th hour. In that case, I wouldn't be surprised if I literally go into labor on the eve of my iducement date.

But I want to hear from you. To the right is a poll. Go ahead and vote!

Friday, April 23, 2010

reason to celebrate

Jason received his acceptance letter today in the mail from the U for a masters degree in Real Estate Development. We have been waiting for this news since November! It is a 9-month accelerated program, and classes start May 17th. I am SO excited for him. He has worked extremely hard toward building his credentials in real estate by getting his real estate license, and he's currently working on certification for ARGUS software (specifically designed for real estate agents). If hard work were the only requirement for acceptance, he would have acheived that, hands down! I'm really proud of him.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

UT trivia

It has snowed more during the month of April than the whole month of January!

And that, Ladies & Gents, is why I have officially decided that I hate UT springs!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Whoever came up with the saying, the only constant thing in life is change, was right on the money! I've noticed when I get stuck in one pattern, routine, calling, or trial for so long, I get bored (or tired of enduring when it's a trial) and yearn for some kind of change. Sometimes, ANYTHING will do; I just want a break from the monotony! Or I finally get comfortable with where I am, and what I'm requiring of myself. Boom - something comes along to throw off the balance. I've come to value and look forward to change. For example, seasons. Why did the Lord create seasons? Besides what it does for the earth, plants, animals, etc, I look forward to the changes that a new season will bring. It seems when I am at my wits end with jackets and sweaters and layers and boots, and the storage crisis that always accompanies keeping the big, bulky items handy, spring comes along - bright & sunny with cheerful flowers to gaze at, relaxing walks and playing at the park with my kiddos. Summer brings a whole slew of fresh fruits and veggies to snack on! And, who doesn't LOVE summer BBQ's, potato salad, and homemade ice cream? YUM! But, by the time fall approaches, I'm looking forward to pulling out all the winter gear, of cozy days inside doing quiet activities at the kitchen table, roasting marshmallows for smores, hot chocolate, & snuggling by the fire with a good book. What is it about change that renews us?

On the other hand, I value structure and strict routine. I have recognized how much my kids value it as well. Even if they don't really know what it is that makes it different from a day when our routine gets thrown out the window, they are less stressed and prone to misbehave. On a daily basis, I demand a lot of myself and from them. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to it, but I always feel good at the end of my day when I can say, look at everything I (and we) did today! Sure, I get worn out - every night, especially being pregnant, I'm lucky if I make to 8:30! I do a couple of loads of laundry and an hour or two of cleaning bathrooms, floors, or whatever I have designated for that day. It's rare that dishes go undone, that toys aren't picked up, and clothes aren't folded or ironed when I head off to bed. And, yet, I get bored with the monotony of the same routine day after day...

which is probably why Jason's work schedule has changed as of this week. Over the last several months, he's been doing some software research for the company. Not sure how he got roped into it, but in October he volunteered to accompany the CEO on a business trip to Louisiana for a software seminar, and next thing we know, he's been asked to research 40+ softwares and narrow it down to 1, based on the company's needs. By next year, they hope to have the new software installed and running. Apparently, it's a really long process, and is going to take 18-24 months to complete. So, Jason is now at the point where he's having to work on everyone's computers before installing the software and doing data entry. In order to avoid disturbing all the other employees during the most demanding hours of the day, he was asked to change his hours from 8am-5pm to 2-11pm.

I'm not really sure how I feel about having evenings to myself. I feel like 3-bedtime is the hardest part of every day. Kids get restless and antsy around late afternoon, not to mention tired from a long day of playing or running errands with mommy (often both), dinner never seems to be ready soon enough for small tummies. I think most moms feel that way. However, this new schedule will allow a longer stretch of the day with Daddy. Normally, we only see him for an hour or so before he heads off to work and another couple of hours before bedtime. Now, we get him to ourselves for 5-6 hours before he has to leave.

This should definitely be an interesting new adventure - on what I feel like is the eve of my delivery! My ticker says 3 weeks, but even if I have to be induced on the 8th, that brings me down to 2. I feel like I do less of my "to do's" when Jason is home, so I'm going to have to be even more disciplined to keep it up. Yet, I also want to ENJOY this time with him home, and our new baby. We don't know how long he will be required to maintain this new schedule. It could be 3 weeks, 2 months, or until the software is installed, data entry is complete, and the program is up and running.

However long this new change is going to last, it's certainly going to bring with it challenges and an opportunity for stretching and growth. Maybe that's why the Lord gave us seasons - because no matter how disciplined or comfortable we are with our current situation, how we handle change is what defines our character, refines our capacity, and ultimately determines who we are.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I hope they call me on a mission

I feel bad posting about Laci all the time. It's just that she is so outgoing and vocal. I'm going to have to make an effort to post more about Jacob - which I'm sure plenty of opportunities will come once Laci starts school. So, maybe I shouldn't be feeling so guilty...

For several weeks, Laci has been telling me that she wants to go on a mission. Today, she expounded on that by saying,

I want to go on a mission, and I know I'm going to make a good missionary. Want to know why?


Because I listen to my primary lessons, and I know all the answers!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

mission completion!

Vacuumed the car out today. Well, more like detailed OCD tendencies get kicked into overdrive when I'm nesting. (Okay, I'm not really OCD, but my sisters always tease me that I am, mainly because of my closet. Yes, it is still organized by clothing type, color, and length - sleeves included, thank you very much! Don't worry, while I do expect cleanliness and order from my hubby and kids, I don't require it to that extent. It's just a nice breath of fresh air when I see my stuff so neat and tidy.) So, now that you officially think that I'm crazy...

The baby seat cover is in the washing machine as we speak. Tomorrow, the car will be bearing 3 carseats instead of two.

Friday, April 16, 2010

27 days to go -

or 20, according to my inducement date on May 8th. I'm hoping this little guy chooses to come sooner! Of course, what mother doesn't feel that way by this point? In reality, 27 or 20, there really isn't much time left! YEAH!

The crib is set up, diapers are bought, Jacob's hand-me-downs are pulled out, baby toys set aside. The final task on my list is to vacuum out the car and wash his car seat, which I will be doing tomorrow, thanks to the promising weather report.

We're ready!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wishing i had a camera...

Laci's "birthday cake" she builds with random-sized boxes for tiers, building blocks, and posing as flowers: tree tops from their farm animal toys.

Jacob's happy face... he's losing his baby fat and looks more like a little boy. I want to capture him now!

And, so many MORE daily moments I want to remember, but have since forgotten...

Jacob sporting his new suit for Easter (since his Christmas one was WAY too big!) Sigh. Mommy really miscalculated on the size, and it's $ I didn't really want to spend, but at least he has something to grow into and our next boy will have a couple of great hand-me-downs. And, if I can say so myself, our little man looks sharp!

My DIY fix of Jacob's clip-on ties. That was not easy, and I did need to employ Jason's help, since I've never actually tied a tie in my life.

My little princess in her Easter dress. I am extremely happy with this find. I originally saw the dress at Burlington Coat Factory in the infant section and SO wished that there was one in Laci's size. Couldn't find one at Christmas. SAD! But, then I saw the dress when I stopped in to get Jacob's suit - only two left, and one in her size! That is a great feeling!

Jason's birthday dinner - chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. And, you can't forget the cheesecake with sliced strawberries and hot fudge drizzled over the top. YUM! (I was nervous for this meal b/c I've only made chicken cordon bleu one other time, and cheesecake can be tricky. But, someone was watching over me making sure Jason had a good meal on his special day b/c everything turned out PERFECTO!)

Before and after pics of my watch makeover. It started out with a red face and red leather straps. I've always loved it, because if you haven't guessed, my favorite color is red. But, when the battery died, I thought, This watch needs a makeover. I've been loving the beaded watches, and I thought, I can make that! So, I did. And, I love it!

Spring flowers popping up everywhere.

Budding trees.

Our new baby coming soon.

Laci starting school.

We desperately need a camera!

I'm not sure when we'll get one, but I do know one thing for sure, I will be buying Laci a little box camera so she won't take mine! (I'd love to encourage her to develop her potential talent, just not with an expensive camera that I plan on using for years to come, ya know?)

Monday, April 12, 2010


On Saturday, Jason and I visited the new Deseret Book store in SLC during it's grand opening. We were surprised when an older gentleman approached us. He looked directly at Jason and said, "I hope you take good care of your wife." Obviously, we were both quite taken aback, and weren't really sure what to say to that. But then looking at the old man we could see the dazed expression in his eyes as he looked down at the floor (I think somewhat oblivious to us) and continued, "I buried my wife of 69 years today." As tears filled his eyes I reached over and gave him a hug while he mechanically added, "I like to think I took good care of her, but I'm sure there are things I could have done to treat her better. I buried her today after 69 years." By this time, I was crying with him. He then refocused on Jason, and said, "So that's why I say 'take care of your wife.'" I assured the man that Jason takes very good care of me. His eyes cast to the floor once again as he said, "69 years" then he trudged away with a younger man - whom I assume was his son.

Obviously, grief-stricken, I imagine that this man might have been watching us. Jason, gathering up books for his birthday while I sit on a bench right behind him. What must have gone through this man's mind? I'm obviously very pregnant at this point. He had no way of knowing if this was my first pregnancy or my fifth. I'm sure the sight of Jason and me brought back a flood of youthful memories when he and his wife were just starting their life together.

In today's society, 5 years of marriage is a milestone. Fifty years will always be celebrated as a huge accomplishment, assuming both live long enough to celebrate it. He and his wife reached nearly 20 years beyond that! I ponder on how quickly our own 6 years together has flashed by, and wonder if it feels the same for him even after all those years. And, now he's left to bury his eternal companion, waiting for who knows how long, until they can be reunited. I don't think we were much comfort to him, but he wanted to make the message very clear: don't take each other foregranted, cherish your time together, enjoy the small and simple things.

Even then, I'm sure the time passes far too quickly.

Friday, April 9, 2010

this birthday

is such a special one, it's birthday time for you... Happy birthday, Jason!

Laci has been SO excited to celebrate Jason's birthday. Last night she wanted to sing him happy birthday before going to bed, and the first thing she did this morning was make him a card. (I really wish that I could share it with you! But, our scanner is being uncooperative at the moment.) She drew our entire family on a white sheet of paper, folded into 4ths to look like a card. Jacob and Jason are blue and both sporting flat-tops, Laci and I are pink with curly hair, and even the new baby is portrayed accurately (well, if he's going to take after his older brother and sister) as a baldy. On the top right-hand corner, she wrote Mom Laci Dad (she takes such pride in being able to write everyone's names from memory - she can write Jacob from memory, too, but she was in a hurry to finish drawing everyone before Jason came down for breakfast). And, then she made sure that we all sang to Jason before he headed off for work.

She's NOT so excited about the impending cheesecake that is Jason's favorite. (She has already made a request for a chocolate cake on her birthday.) However, she is excited for the strawberries and chocolate syrup that will be topping the cheesecake.

And, Jacob? He's just along for the ride! He scarfs down anything we put in front of him, and he definitely figured out the whole present-thing in December when he celebrated his 2nd birthday. I'm sure he will enjoy "helping" Jason with his gifts.

We're so grateful for a wonderful Dad! We love you, Jason!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

more from laci

While I'm very glad that Laci is in speech therapy, I am REALLY going to miss the words and phrases that are uniquely hers. For example,

salsa = salsa & massage
(Okay, she outgrew that one a while ago, but it still makes me smile. She always loved getting a salsa at bedtime, and I was happy to give it because I found the key ingredient to helping her calm down for sleep. Jason and I always gave a knowing grin to each other when she would ask for chips and salsa.)

maggot = magnet

Baba = Grandma Denham (sounds really cute with Papa, too!)

a little minute = one minute
(Mommy, can you come here a little minute?)

all the day long = all day

all the day long and all the days after = forever
(Mommy, I love you all the day long and all the days after.)

There just isn't anything sweeter to a mother's ears!

p.s. Tomorrow is Jason's birthday, the big 3-0! If you feel like "rubbing it in" ;) send him an email wishing him a "happy birthday" at

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'd rather be naked...

read on a little boy's shirt. For those of you who have toddlers, you might be experiencing what I call the "strip-tease phase"? Jacob has started stripping down to his diaper, whether it's freezing cold or warm, and gets really angry when I force him to put his clothes back on. (After all, I am teaching Laci about modesty, which, of course, is not exclusive to boys!) But, I don't think the temperature has anything to do with his desire to take off all his clothes. On the flip side, he's also insisting on dressing "my sef!" Maybe this whole thing is a toddler right of passage? I remember Laci going through the same thing. Or maybe it's just some weird gene that my brothers passed down...

Every single one of those little boys didn't stop at their diaper during their strip-tease phase! Nor was it an unusual occurrence to walk into a bathroom and find 2-3 of my brothers wizzing away into the toilet, as if it was a community toilet. One afternoon, my mom discovered two of my brothers outside - in the nude - spraying at a 6-inch cockroach with the hose, apparently trying to drown it.

The very first date Jason took me on, he was greeted by all 5 of my younger brothers in the nude! Since they were really young still, they all bathed in my parents bath tub. After all, it was the biggest tub in the house, and they could all have their bath at once (very convenient, especially on a Saturday night getting ready for 8 am church!). So, Jason rings the doorbell, someone answers the door, and is offered a seat on the living room couch - which is immediately off from the entry and my parents room. All of a sudden one of my brothers streaks from my parents room (in plain view of where Jason was sitting), and disappears up the stairs (to the boys' room to get dressed). Followed, of course, by four more little boys.

I imagine this was quite a shock. I'm surprised Jason even called me back, but I'm sure glad he did!

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