Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So, with 15 days left till my due date, I'm of course anticipating a new baby any day! Laci was 10 days early, and Jacob was 6 days late. I really don't know WHEN to expect this little guy's arrival. (At least I have the comfort in knowing that regardless, I will be going in to be induced on the 8th.)

I had a few days last week where I was getting frustrated that my body just wasn't going into labor. I could literally feel the weight of him drop within a couple of days, and feeling like I'm right on the verge - then nothing! Even my braxton hicks contractions - that I never felt with my first two - stopped completely. Any mom close to her due date would tell you THAT is very frustrating! (right, ladies?)

On the other hand, we have had an EXTREMELY busy week, and as I've looked at our calendar would think, please don't come this week! Monday night, our home teacher invited us over for FHE, last night Jason had a welcome reception at the U, Thursday Laci has a friend coming over while the girl's parents move into their new house (I know I'm crazy to make a commitment like that right now, but I'm feeling like our meeting at church on Sunday was more than coincidental and I'm really excited for Laci to make a new friend. That has gone slower for her than we anticipated, since she is our social butterfly.) Friday afternoon is Laci's kindergarten orientation. Then, Friday evening is our ward luau, which Jason signed me up to bring a dessert. While it would be okay to miss any of these things in the event that I have the baby, I would really be sad to miss Laci's kindergarten orientation. This is a first for her. I am really looking forward to going with her, just mommy and daughter, as she learns about this new milestone in her life.

I have my own predictions for when this baby will come:

1) May 1st, the day after all my familial and church obligations are no longer filling up my calendar. This happened with Laci; I took my last final for the summer and went into labor the very next day. It was also two weeks before fall semester started, and gave me just enough time before heading off to class again. I only took Spanish that semester because they had to be consecutive in order to count toward my degree, but still, if she had come 6 days late like Jacob? It would have really messed things up. So, I wouldn't be surprised if that's all my little guy is waiting for.

2) May 7th, one day before I get induced. Sometimes our patience gets tested to the 11th hour. In that case, I wouldn't be surprised if I literally go into labor on the eve of my iducement date.

But I want to hear from you. To the right is a poll. Go ahead and vote!


Candie said...

Well, it's gonna be at least a couple of days because you have to wait for your nursing cover to get there! I just mailed it off yesterday. Sorry to delay things so much ;) Good luck, regardless!!!

Spencer and Hilary said...

I'm so excited for you! The little guy could be here any day now! Hopefully after this wekend:) Good luck with everything, we wish we were there to help!


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