Saturday, April 17, 2010

mission completion!

Vacuumed the car out today. Well, more like detailed OCD tendencies get kicked into overdrive when I'm nesting. (Okay, I'm not really OCD, but my sisters always tease me that I am, mainly because of my closet. Yes, it is still organized by clothing type, color, and length - sleeves included, thank you very much! Don't worry, while I do expect cleanliness and order from my hubby and kids, I don't require it to that extent. It's just a nice breath of fresh air when I see my stuff so neat and tidy.) So, now that you officially think that I'm crazy...

The baby seat cover is in the washing machine as we speak. Tomorrow, the car will be bearing 3 carseats instead of two.


Jackie said...

My closet is the same way!

Candie said...

My mom thought I was crazy when she was watching me put my laundry away one day. Glad to know I'm not the only weird one out there!
Great job on getting all your work done!


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