Friday, April 9, 2010

this birthday

is such a special one, it's birthday time for you... Happy birthday, Jason!

Laci has been SO excited to celebrate Jason's birthday. Last night she wanted to sing him happy birthday before going to bed, and the first thing she did this morning was make him a card. (I really wish that I could share it with you! But, our scanner is being uncooperative at the moment.) She drew our entire family on a white sheet of paper, folded into 4ths to look like a card. Jacob and Jason are blue and both sporting flat-tops, Laci and I are pink with curly hair, and even the new baby is portrayed accurately (well, if he's going to take after his older brother and sister) as a baldy. On the top right-hand corner, she wrote Mom Laci Dad (she takes such pride in being able to write everyone's names from memory - she can write Jacob from memory, too, but she was in a hurry to finish drawing everyone before Jason came down for breakfast). And, then she made sure that we all sang to Jason before he headed off for work.

She's NOT so excited about the impending cheesecake that is Jason's favorite. (She has already made a request for a chocolate cake on her birthday.) However, she is excited for the strawberries and chocolate syrup that will be topping the cheesecake.

And, Jacob? He's just along for the ride! He scarfs down anything we put in front of him, and he definitely figured out the whole present-thing in December when he celebrated his 2nd birthday. I'm sure he will enjoy "helping" Jason with his gifts.

We're so grateful for a wonderful Dad! We love you, Jason!

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Audrey said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe your baby counter says you only have 34 days to go!!!


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