Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yesterday I woke up at 3am wide awake. I laid in bed FOREVER and still wasn't asleep. I figured, by 5am I might as well go to the gym like I always do. Jason volunteered to help clean the Conference Center in SLC, and his shift was from 9 to midnight. I never sleep well when he's gone. Again, I was awake early this morning, 4am. Went to the gym again at 5. No sense in laying in bed wide awake when there are things to get done, right?

I have two little girls coming over today while their mom gets ready for family to come into town tonight and tomorrow. Her son is getting baptized this weekend. He's also had strep earlier this week, so she hasn't had much time to get things ready. I thought I would make them dinner tonight, too. One less thing for her to worry about.

I'm crossing my fingers that:

we don't get sick
these girls can get along well with Laci
Laci doesn't get them too high-strung
or try to get away with too much while they are here
Laci will happily include Jacob in their playing, because

I'm tired!

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