Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Is it bad that I'm counting down for this baby's birth already? I mean, it's still 10 weeks away - assuming I go to term. I keep telling myself not to start the countdown now because it's going to make this trimester go by far too slowly. I really wish I had a better idea of when he will be deciding to come - as I'm sure every mother feels while their due date approaches. Laci was 10 days early, and Jacob was 6 days late - leaving me with very little idea of what to expect. Needless to say, I would much rather he decide to come early than late! I suppose I should take comfort in that my doctor has agreed to induce me on May 8 because he will be out of town the week of the 13th. But, that brings a whole new onslaught of challenges and concerns!

For example, the hormone petosin (spelling anyone?) is what they use to induce labor; however, it can cause the incision from a previous cesarean to burst because it creates stronger contractions. If the incision bursts, this can be fatal or cause brain damage to baby and is extremely dangerous to mom. That little piece of information is not particularly comforting when you're a mom-to-be planning on delivering VBAC (vaginal delivery after cesarean)! Granted, this only occurs in 1-2% of VBAC, induced labor, patients. However, my track record is not too good: I was induced during labor with Laci because my contractions came to a complete halt; and ended up delivering Jacob via emergency cesarean after 24 hours of labor. (Thank heaven for epidurals!) Oh, and did I mention that both children were not covered by our insurance plans? - another story for another time.

So, imagine our excitement when we get pregnant with this baby knowing that maternity and delivery will be covered. Talk about a sigh of relief! And, here we are 10 weeks from my due date, and the company's insurance policy that Jason works for has expired as of 2 days ago. They don't want to pay the higher premiums, so they change our insurance. To make a long story short about the new policy - which would bring everyone to a roaring snore and my blood to a rolling boil - we have no coverage for this baby! (Yet, again.) The real kicker is that 5 employees' wives all had babies last year, and all their deliveries were covered by insurance. And to think that had I not had my miscarriage last June, our baby would have been covered, too.


Regardless, I am still so excited to meet this little guy! In the eternal scheme of things, he will always be mine - whatever happens. And that is worth any temporal price that I have to pay, financially and physically.

So, my countdown has begun...


Mariley Johnson said...

Oh Tiffini! If insurance doesn't kill you it will make you stronger, right? It has to! What choice do we have! But rest easy it WILL work out!
Excited for you and your new baby!

Brooke said...

Insurance. . . Never works like they say it will. One reason I am doing a birthing center this time around. My out of pocket is less.

Pitocin is the spelling you are looking for :) I got my epidural too soon with Isaac and my labor stopped. I was put on pitocin and it's crazy stuff. Made my contractions jump off the charts with no rest in between. Thankfully my epidural was working and I felt NOTHING!

I hope your vbac is a success! There has always been some kind of drama with all of my pregnancies, but it always turns out okay in the end.

I am sure ten weeks will fly by, I think having to keep up with two other children helps :)

Lacey said...

Why not just do another c-section? That would eliminate a lot of stress! Planned birthday, in and out, and I guarantee you that the recovery will be 10 times better!!! Just something to think about.

Good luck with the next 10 weeks. I'm sure it will fly but for the rest of us! ;)

Candie said...

Sigh. Insurance. The #1 reason we don't have more kids... don't get me started. The C-section will cost more "out-of-pocket", but what will happen will happen and it will all be alright. I started counting down at 10 weeks... why not?! It'll go quick - that last ones did for me anyway! Just enjoy the time you have with your two kids and enjoy having an arm for each :)

Jackie said...

You should make a paper chain!

Sorry about your insurance. BARF!


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