Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm really missing my camera (that broke after my little photographer - aka: Laci - "borrowed" it). So, I'm having to make due with old pictures...

playing at the park

yes, that's Jacob dressed in pink and wearing a headband!
(Laci thought it would be funny to dress him in her clothes.)

A visit to temple square...


discovering the computer
(I love the look on his face! It's like he can hardly believe his luck...)

my little crafter

playing house

posing for the camera


Jayson & Sara said...

LOVE the picture of the two of them sleeping together. So precious! Ah siblings are so fun. I love that Laci is a crafter too. I hope she makes lots of cute things for the baby!

Lara said...

Such a great little slice of life! Love it. :)

Candie said...

I love looking back at past pictures. Thanks for sharing. I also love the sleeping picture. My little one would never fall asleep: with someone else, and not confined! Your kids are darling!


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