Monday, March 15, 2010

recent cuteness

Every Sunday Jason drops Laci off to primary, and I take Jason to nursery. (What will we do when we're outnumbered? ...I guess, by then, Jacob will be in primary, too! ...not sure I want to be thinking that far ahead!)And, every Sunday when I go to pick Jacob up from nursery he asks where Laci and Daddy are. I have to tell him, Daddy is with Laci and we need to go find them. They're always in the same foyer next to the same set of doors. This Sunday was no exception to this little ritual.

However, when Jacob saw Laci, he ran - and I mean, he booked it - into her arms, calling out, Laci! Of course, Laci was so excited to see Jacob, and she scooped him up in her arms with a huge grin. They stood that way, holding each other in a tight hug for almost 30 seconds.

I love it!


Spencer and Hilary brought their 6-week-old baby girl over this afternoon. Laci and Jacob were sooo excited to see their new baby cousin! (Actually, I think that is an understatement.) They literally fought over who got to hold her first. And, for the entirety of the visit, took turns holding her.

Jacob kept stroking little Blayke's cheeks and head. Laci made sure that Blayke had her spit-up rag and pacifier. Quite the great helpers, and just in time!

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