Monday, May 17, 2010

story behind the name

Sarah Cole is my great-great grandmother. We don't know much about her. What we do know is that she was born in England, and joined the Church there. After travelling to America, she met who would become her her husband, Edward Oakey.

We do know a little more about him, however. He was taught the gospel and baptized by Wilford Woodruff in England. Edward then sold his entire inheritance - much to the chagrin of his family members - in order to pay the passage to America for many LDS saints. He was completely broke after that. Through much personal sacrifice, he joined the saints in America. Upon meeting Sarah, the two married. Together, they settled in Nephi, Utah.

Sarah Cole's daughter, Ellen Lavelle, had deep brown eyes that looked almost black. Those eyes, I was often told from her son, my Grandpa Tew, I had inherited from her. With an affectionate smile, he would look deep into my eyes and say, "You're eyes are just like my mother's, Ellen Lavelle." Even as a little girl, I could tell it pleased him that those eyes were passed down to one of his posterity. So far, Laci and Jacob have also inherited those eyes...and it looks like Cole will have them, too.

Even though we don't know very much about Sarah Cole, we fell in love with her maiden name for this sweet new boy who has joined our family! We feel so honored to pass it on to him.

Hensley is also a family name. At age 18, my Grandma Tew - then Norma Hensley - joined the Church. She was always deeply spiritual growing up and upon hearing the missionaries, being baptized felt natural to her. She is an amazing pillar of strength, faith, and devotion to our family. We love her dearly, and it is in honor of her that we chose it for Cole's middle name.


Lacey said...

Very cool story! Love to hear the history behind it! Although I would have totally understood if you would have named him Edward! ;) Maybe your next son!

Jackie said...

I love this!sumb

Jackie said...

Sorry. The word verification got on the end of the last one.

Lara said...

I love the names that are deeply rooted in family history. Love the names you chose. :)

Candie said...

I love that you have used your strong family ties. I tried to do that also. Marlie's middle name comes from my great grandma. Perhaps some of the strength from your great family line will be passed onto him as well!


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