Wednesday, May 5, 2010

random thoughts

Jason is off at mutual. It's his third or fourth week as the Young Men's secretary. He really loves it. He blew the boys' minds away when he could guess all their names correctly on the very first Sunday he taught. I think it was just the priests' class, but still, I couldn't have done that!


Wishing I had a craft to do. Waiting to unpack the basement - where, coincidentally, all my crafty things are still packed away. I'll be glad not to have a baby in my belly weighing me down to tackle THAT project.


Apparently, dreams can become really vivid during pregnancy. Didn't experience it during my pregnancy with Laci. With Jacob, however, I always had really bad nightmares. Glad that's over! I've always hated horror movies, and it's even worse when you're starring in one nearly every night!

Lately, I've been dreaming that I'm back in high school, but I'm pregnant. And, throughout the entire dream I know that I'm married to Jason and have two other kids. Weird - especially when I'm flirting with some random high school kid I knew back then!


I'm watching celebrity jeopardy. Doogie Howser is winning. I recognize the other guy, but could not tell you who the lady in the middle is! Oh, now the "other guy" is in the lead by $600....

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