Wednesday, May 26, 2010

stopping to smell the roses

is MUCH harder to do with a new baby!

A HUGE part of me wishes that all I had to do was take care of Cole. I could literally sit and stare at him all day! His little arms are plumper, his double chin rounder, his neck thicker, the creases in his skin deeper. I'm probably the only one who would even notice these minute changes. I know this should be something to baby is thriving, right? But, it still makes me well up with sentimental tears. How could my baby have changed so quickly?

But, such a wish is not realistic.

Reality is the kitchen floor that hasn't been washed since BEFORE Cole was born. Yuck! - and that's not the only task of housework that has been neglected so long, either. I have actually managed to wash and fold 4 loads of laundry today though.

Reality is that my older kids are feeling the neglect (maybe distraction is a nicer word, but I'm not sure that's how they see it) a newborn entails:

Jacob has been insisting on not just wearing, but twirling, in Laci's church dresses while announcing "Princess!" Classic middle child syndrome taken to a new level? This used to be an occurrence that Laci would instigate. I'm not sure how I feel about him taking the reigns. You know, 20 years ago, boys dressing in their older sisters' clothing could be laughed off. In today's society, however, I just don't think it can be anymore. Jacob needs to know he's a boy! As it is, I haven't put my foot down with him carrying Laci's doll around or playing with Barbies. And, as if that's not enouch, he's definitely mastered selective hearing to the max.

Maybe that's something he's learned from Laci. She literally ignores any orders I give. I feel like I'm repeating myself 100x before getting a reaction from either of them! Any suggestions for putting an end to this? I'm definitely going to go crazy or grey or bald from pulling my hair out during these LONG days while Jason attends school.

On the flip side, when I stop to smell the roses...

I can see that Laci and Jacob adore our little bundle as much as I do. It lights up on their faces each time they look at him.

Laci insists on pushing his swing (even though it has a motor to keep it going) or changing his diaper.

Jacob makes sure Cole has the necessities of pacifier, blanket, and toys around him at all times.

They instantly tell me if he starts crying, and get angry at me (or take matters into their own hands - which can be really scary!) if they feel like I'm taking too long responding.

During stories, they each hold Cole in their beds while I read: every day, Jacob asks to hold "Baby Cole" before I start reading. Laci begs - every time - for more stories just so she could hold him longer!

I mean, really, the roses just don't get any sweeter than that!


Candie said...

There oftan seems to be sweet mixed in with the "sour" so to speak. Good job looking for it! You'll be the first one I tell when I find a cure to the selective-hearing-syndrome. Maybe that means our kids are less apt to hear the wisperings of darkness?!?! It's a nice thought anyway.
And don't worry about the floors. They'll still be there tomorrow ;)

The Coons Family said...

That's so adorable... and while it's hard to see them grow SOOOO fast. It's nice to appreciate the time we've been given with them huh?


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