Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trujillo, Peru

Jason had his mission reunion Friday night. Oh, it was so great to finally get faces to names - some actually looked the way I had pictured them! We swapped stories, sang songs in Spanish, and ate Peruvian food. President Jensen and his wife were wonderful!

Everyone brought their kids. Laci immediately became best friends with one sweet little girl. They hid under the food table ... with Jacob following close behind. Laci was officially the candy hoarder. You would have thought one of two things: 1) she's addicted to candy because we always give it to her, or 2) we never give her any candy, so she's taking every opportunity to get her fill. Neither, of course, are true.

We had a great night! It's making me look forward for the next one, and the possibility of serving our own missions together.

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debrajo said...

Hey! I added you guys to our blog list! Good job joining the blog club. : )

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