Friday, October 3, 2008


Up until the last couple of weeks, I really haven't been homesick. Oddly enough, it's kind of felt like we've been on vacation. But now that we've been here long enough to settle in, I've been missing our families in Arizona. I used to go over to my parents' house once a week to teach my brothers piano. We would see Jason's family just about as often. Now with the holiday season quickly approaching, and trying to make plans without our families around, it has felt like pouring lemon juice in an open soar!

I've been really sad not being able to see my brothers. In fact, I left a message with my family on Saturday to let them know I would be calling Monday night, and to pick up the phone even though it is family home evening. It was so wonderful talking to my brothers, and hearing about their classes, sports, and music activities!

Then my Grandma Tew, who lives about 45 minutes away from us, came to visit us Tuesday afternoon. Were gas prices not so high, I'm sure our visits would be more often, but 45 minutes eats up quite a bit of gas! Laci especially loved seeing GG (short for "Grandma Great").

On Thursday, Laci, Jacob, and I went to play at Jennie's house. Because of our busy schedules, we hadn't gotten together for a few weeks. Her house always feels like home to me. Sure, she's a familiar face; but as second of 10, I think it's really the hustle and bustle of seven kids running around!

Also on Thursday, Grandma Solomon - Jason's grandma - came up to Salt Lake City for a missionary reunion. (She returned from her mission to Sidney, Australia in February.) We had such a wonderful evening with her.

And, today, I (Laci and Jacob, too) spent the entire afternoon with my two sisters, Heather and Ashlee! Heather drove down from BYU Idaho for the Conference weekend; she will be staying with GG. Ashlee lives in Springville with husband, Chase, and is attending BYU Provo; even though she lives so close, she's a busy student and newlywed (as of August!). So, as much as I would love to spend time with her, I understand she has a busy schedule and hubby that get first priority. You can imagine, though, my excitement getting to see them both in one afternoon! (Our fun would have been complete if my mom was with us...we'll all be together for Christmas.)

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Jayson & Sara said...

I understand the homesickness. It's hard being so far away from family. Especially when you have little brothers still at home. So I know exactly what you mean.


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