Saturday, October 11, 2008

Salt Lake Temple

Today, Jason and I attended the temple sealing of Raul and Rosa Hernandez. Raul is one of Jason's crew members for Intermountain Plantings. The couple is from Puebla, Mexico. They have three children, but were only sealed to the youngest today because the other two are with their grandma in Mexico. Because of the expense, they couldn't afford to bring the entire family to the States for their sealing. Since their youngest is two, he lives here with his parents. When they go back down to Mexico, they will be sealed to their other two children. All these reasons were why Raul invited Jason and I to attend the ceremony. Even though it was all in Spanish, the spirit was strong ... and I think I bawled as much as Rosa did! :) I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a special experience in their lives.


Lara said...

That sounds wonderful! I am glad that you were able to go.

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Also, just in case you didn't know, you can usually find people's blogs easily by clicking on their name when they comment on your blog.

Jayson & Sara said...

Hey! our blog is

cassie and dan said...

hey tiffini. im excited we met up here! i am still sort of stunned you ended up in my brothers ward. i think they love the ward here, so hopefully you will too! i know, my sister is in guatemala serving a mission, and the testimony today in spanish was the most powerful to me because you could tell it was a pure testimony, even though it was in spanish, its cool that the spirit is still so strong whatever the language. well, i will see you later! feel free to call me if you're ever up in slc area, until i figure out where we're gona live. my # is 801-376-0656


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