Friday, February 26, 2010

blogger questions

For those who know me well, it's no secret that technology and I don't get along! It's amazing that I'm able to keep up with this blog. But, I envy all the scrapbook fonts and custom family headers of my friends' cutsie blogs. I want my blog to look cute, too! And, to think that I grew up in the technology boom! I remember in 6th grade we started taking a weekly computer lab to learn how to use computers, and that was a ground-breaking event. We were the first class ever to start something like that at my school. Maybe that's my problem; maybe I should have started a computer lab in 1st grade to feel comfortaable with the technology. It's pretty sad, really. I'm part of the generation that gets it! And, yet, I don't get it most of the time.

Anyway, enough of my rambling and self-pity! Here are my questions - for anyone who can explain it to me:

1. How do I get the cutsie fonts?

2. I would love a beautiful custom-like header, but how to install it? (FYI: I have followed the directions from various websites - go into Layout, Edit Header, Paste the url into the Website box, and click on Behind Title and Description; however, it never comes up after I save and view blog!) So, that's where I am with that one.

3. How do I change my layout to a 3-column from a 2-column? (I've tried following directions for that one, too. But, haven't been successful with it.)

Question 4 is REALLY important:

4. If you have a private blog, can you please email me with a new invite? There are many of you whose blogs I can't view because I've had a few different email accounts over the years, and I cannot remember which ones I used for which blog. Please email me at I would LOVE to keep up with your lives - especially since we no longer live in AZ!

See what I mean? Am I just a lost cause?


Mariley Johnson said...

When i started a blog i heard it was very user firelndly and easy to manage, but i just felt stupid for nt being able to figure it out. It's just trial and error for me now.
Here's what i know.
1. I still don't know how to change custom fonts. Tried and failed many times.
2. To make my header, i just use Picasa and edit my picture in collage format then download it into ny header spot as a regular picture.
3. To make a wider blog page i select layouts that are in stretch mode.
Hope that helps.

Candie said...

I can help with the cutsie fonts - only because I have a computer genius husband who showed me how. It is a little tricky though:

You will go into "Layout" and then click on the Edit HTML button. This is usually where I say "oops, wrong button" and back away slowly. But if you select a specific font (such as Arial) scan through the HTML gibberish until you see something like
...="Text Font" type="font" default="normal normal 100% 'Arial'.

Change anything that says 'Arial' to whatever font you want. You must add the name exactly as it appears in Word or your Font file folder on your computer. Mine, for example, is called 'Tempus Sans ITC'.

If you need more help, just call or email me! :) Sorry, I don't always explain things very well. Good luck!

Jackie said...


Amanda can turn your handwriting into fonts. She has all her fonts available to download. Some are really cute.
There are instructions there to load them to use into word and to put them on your blog.
It too me a while to get onto my blog, only because I was making one tiny mistake. If you need help, let me know!

I make my header in powerpoint, because I don't have photoshop. Just save it as a JPEG instead of a powerpoint presentation, then load it into your blog as a picture in the header spot. Do you know how to do that?

I'll look around for a good 3 colloum tutorial. I have been wanting to do that.

Email if you want help.

Jackie said...

For the header, try searching for the image directly off your computer instead of uploading it from the web. I think it is easier.

If you do want to do it from the web The problem is that you are probably just using the wrong URL. There are usually a couple of different links to get to the picture you want.

Lacey said...

Kevin and Amanda's website has great tutorials, like your friend Jackie said. I've just never done it because it's a ton of steps!!!

Lara said...

I used the kevinandamanda site. Even though it seems really daunting to get the cute fonts, it really only took me 10 minutes.

I don't think doing the URL way works very well for a header. Download it to your computer and then upload it into blogger and see if that works better.

I also use stretch mode, but I don't use a fancy layout. I like mine to just be white.

Lara said...

PS Candie's way works for fonts, but the only problem with it is that everyone who views your blog must have that font installed on their own computer for them to see it. So some will see it and some will not, depending on the font.

Kevinandamanda's way fixes that problem.


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