Thursday, February 11, 2010

my budding photographer

Laci loves horses, so it was only natural to buy her an 18-inch tall horse for Christmas. She'd been asking for a real one, but that would overextend our Christmas budget just a tad. Fortunately, she loves this one! (Whew!) These are pictures she took of her favorite present:

I honestly had no idea she had taken these until I was flipping through my screen. I asked Jason if he took them because I knew I hadn't, and he told me that it was Laci. He had watched her while she took them.

But I have to say, considering her age, I was really surprised at how well these turned out! She seems to have a natural eye. (Of course, I'm not much of a photographer, myself.) So, I'm interested to hear what you photographers out there think...


Jayson & Sara said...

She did a great job working those angles! Can't wait to see more of her work!

Candie said...

What a fun surprise to find on your camera! And it's very good. Maybe this is a talent worth nurturing. (BTW, Marlie LOVES horses too... I really think they were meant to be twins!)

Brooke said...

We are still in Dallas. We have been here almost 3 years :)

Just noticed your ticker. . .isn't it nice to see the smaller numbers?! I have 70 official days left but am HOPING she comes early like my other two. Which would mean 49 to go!


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