Friday, August 7, 2009

4 years ago...

I was sitting in a hospital bed anxiously waiting for your arrival. We had already counted 10 fingers, 10 toes - through songoram. The day had finally come! Daddy and I were could hardly wait to see your face, and feel the special spirit you would bring straight from heaven. And, we weren't the only ones. Grandad and Grandma, Papa and Baba, and your aunts and uncles had all crammed into that tiny hospital room.

A few hours later, the nurses ushered everyone out... it was time! Your birth wasn't as smooth as we had hoped. You entered this world not breathing, and your body was grey. You received your very first priesthood blessing as Daddy, Grandad, and Papa circled around you - promising you a quick recovery and no side effects; you would be healthy and whole. Then came your first little cry, and the nurses whisked you away. I didn't even get to hold my sweet baby girl!

Grandad came in and exclaimed, "She's gorgeous." (and explained to me that the conehead swelling would go down soon - I could laugh about that now), promising that as the swelling lessens "she's just going to get more and more beautiful everyday!" (Even though he was trying to comfort me, I think Grandad's words were certainly prophetic.)

Shortly after, I was allowed to go see you. Daddy gently helped me out of my bed, and led me by the hand to the nursery. The nurse apologized as we entered because you were lying there crying as she was giving another baby his bottle. I timidly walked over to your bed, hardly believing that you were actually here! You had an oxygen tube hooked to your nose and an IV needle in your head, (Grandad was right about the conehead!), but I hardly noticed any of those things. I stroked your leg, hoping to comfort you. Immediately, you stopped crying and turned your head in my direction. I looked over at Daddy and he said, "She knows you." Yes, it felt like I had known you forever! Then I glanced up at the nursery window just above your bed. Grandad had followed us, and was looking at me with a huge grin on his face. Daddy and I weren't the only ones excited about your arrival.
It's hard to imagine what our home would be like if 4 years ago today had never happened! How grateful we are for our Little Sunshine, spreading joy and love everywhere you go. How I love to soak in your sweet hugs. And, listen to the melody of your heart-felt "I love you's!" When I hold you in my arms, eternity doesn't seem so infinite. You will be my baby girl forever!
We love you, Laci Mae!


The Coons Family said...

That's so Precious! It brought tears to my eyes!

Mariley Johnson said...

so sweet.
Happy Birthday Laci!

BandHGardner said...

A very sweet post. She'll treasure that for years to come.

Happy Birthday, Laci!

Spencer and Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Laci girl!!
We love you!

Christi said...

Tiffini, that was so beautiful and heartfelt. I couldn't help but tear up.

Take care!

Christi Gray


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