Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My baby girl started her first day of preschool today! I can't believe she's that old - and that I'm that old, for that matter. It happens to everyone, I know. And, we probably all go through the same emotional rollercoaster: excitement for this big step in their lives, scared at the idea of relenting some independence to them, anxious at trusting our babies in someone else's care, and sad to let them go. It's only two days a week, but still. It's crazy to think that she's starting that chapter of her life already. (Maybe it's good for me... good preparation for kindergarten next year.)


Lara said...

You'll love it.

But it is so hard to watch them grow. Kills me a little bit each time they hit a milestone like that.

I emailed you last week that I was done with your pictures, but maybe you didn't get it? I just need your address. Also, a few are up on my photo blog: Photography by Lara

Lara said...

Sorry, that link didn't work for some reason.

Photography by Lara

Hopefully that worked. If not, you'll just have to link from my profile. Sorry!

Lacey said...

Preschool was awesome for Elodie and I LOVED IT! I would drop her off at school and Addysen would go down for her nap right when we got home..then I would get 2 glorious hours to myself!
It does go by fast..now we are in kidergarten and while exciting, it's a little sad. She is just thrilled though and you can't help but eat up that excitement!

debrajo said...

I thought you were going to do a preschool yourself. Did that not work out so well? I'm teaching preschool out of my home. I got a cute little room set up & have started teaching classes. I only have 2 little boys and my son, Tyson for a whopping total of 3 students, but it's been really fun so far. Hopefully it'll grow bigger in time...like after I adjust to baby #2 being born. I don't know if I can take on students in January or not, but I'm sure next year will have more kiddos. I can't believe how time flies, though. I bet Laci loves it already.


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