Wednesday, January 21, 2009

looking for a good workout?

I stumbled on Self Magazine's website this week, and discovered a jackpot! They provide articles and slideshows to their workouts, and even have videos for them, too, for a demonstration ... all for free! Home videos/DVDs are great, but if you're like me, you get bored very quickly! One of the keys to success is variety. So here it is, all at your fingertips...

If you're looking for a fantastic workout, check out this one by Jillian Michaels.
(Yep, I'm going to be sore tomorrow!)

link to article and slideshow:
link to video:

week 2 progress
waist = 31
hips = 41
(not much progress this week, but I still have 10 weeks left!)


Brooke said...

Way to go! I couldn't get the videos to work. . . But that's for the site!!

Brooke said...

and by That's I meant THANKS! :)

Jera Farnsworth said...

you can also go to and they offer lots of free videos and there is a great variety. and i dont know if you get byu tv but there is a lady that does yoga and aerobics. there are like 35 diff episodes so it makes it interesting. I have really gotten into the yoga thing! super fun. thanks for sharing.. it is always great to have something new!!

ctsessions said...

That is good information. Keep up the good work!


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