Saturday, January 3, 2009

Transitions into the 2009

Transition #1
Okay, so I'll admit it, we didn't stay up till midnight on New Year's Eve. In fact, we didn't even try...

We went to bed at 7:30.

Jason had just completed 16 hours of salting the day before and put in another 12 on New Year's Eve; and I'm trying to get Jacob to sleep in his bed with Laci, which involves getting up 4-5 times a night.

Transition #2
He hasn't slept in his crib since the move, even for his naps. He never really liked his crib to begin with, but I think the change of scenery in a new bedroom was hard for him to handle. So, he takes naps sporadically during the day and has been sleeping in our bed with us at night. Laci has figured out that she was being excluded and would wait up till we went to bed then sneak in with us. Needless to say, our bed has become very crowded. (I jokingly suggested to Jason that we just need to get a giant wall-to-wall bed for us all to sleep in, of course creating an easy way out. He responded by saying that it would be the perfect birth control method.)

So, this transition has been 3 months in the making:
1. putting Jacob's bed in Laci's room next to hers (preparing him visually for the change)
2. laying him down during storytime instead of letting him wander around and play with toys
3. and in the last three weeks actually laying down with him for 30-45 minutes till he falls asleep (otherwise he won't stay in his bed, and Laci is now insisting that we keep her bedroom door open, allowing him to wander out 50 times a night)

I was hoping that sleeping next to Laci would make the transition easier on him. Unfortunately, it hasn't helped at all. Thankfully, after 3 weeks, he's reluctantly accepting his fate. The last two weeks he would immediately wail as soon as I laid him down and cling to me with a death grip. This week he wimpers a little because he knows what's coming. Maybe by next week, I can start sitting at the end of the bed, so he can see me, but not have me right there next to him. I'm learning that with Jacob, I need to make changes VERY slowly.

Transition #3
Our final transition will be moving within the next month, instead of in July when our lease is up. (I am so sick of moving!) Our landlord contacted us with the possibility that he might lose the house. He's currently working with his mortgage company to get a loan modification, but we're not crossing our fingers. We've already started looking for another house, and are simply waiting to hear the final word. Whenever it is, hopefully, it will be the last move that we will be making for a long time!


Stacey said...

NOOO! We want you guys to stay! Are you looking in the neighborhood?

Tiffini said...

Yes and no. We've thought about looking in Daybreak as well. But, we're really not sure yet. We're waiting for the final word; that may take a month or 3 months. We simply don't know right now.

I guess, we're just trying to get our feelers out right now and see what our options are ... it is a buyer's market right now. But we want to make sure we can find something that we can afford, ya know?

Tiffini said...

Hopefully, it will be later than sooner. These last minute moves are getting really difficult the more stuff we accumulate and the more children we have!

cassie and dan said...

good luck with another move, that stinks!!! so jacob is in a toddler bed now? wow, i am glad andrew likes his crib, i'm going to leave him there as long as i can! luckily he's not a climber so it will probably be a while;) herriman is also a good place to look for houses, its pretty close to shopping and stuff, but a little cheaper than right IN salt lake valley.


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