Wednesday, February 18, 2009

alive and well

Some of you are probably wondering if I'm even still alive! I am. We moved into our new house on the 1st. We're still in Eagle Mountain, and yes, we're still in Utah. Did I ever mention that we never wanted to live in Utah? And yet, here we are! (Actually, I've come to really fall in love with our area and the people here. And, ironically, I feel like I'm home.)

Jacob has had such a terrible time in the last 4 weeks. Starting with oral herpes (don't know the technical term), which is basically a virus resulting in canker sores all over the inside of the mouth - and because it's a virus cannot be treated. He just had to suffer through it till it went away on its own. He just got over it last week. At the same time, he broke out with impitigo on his face, which was treated with an antibiotic. Now he has a yeast infection that I swear I've treated 500 times since the last time he was given an antibiotic! And just when we thought he was getting better, he comes down with the flu - vomit and diahrrea - since Saturday. (There goes that Activia tip to counteract the anitbiotic by replenishing the good bacteria.) Aside from the fact that I am sick of my house, I feel so bad for my little guy! Any time Jacob gets sick it snowballs like this - one thing after another. He just can't get a break! All the while, he has to endure it all.

Laci has been a trooper. She also got the oral herpes - undoubtedly from sharing food and drinks, even though I tried to explain to her that she shouldn't. But what are ya gonna do? A 3-year-old can only understand so much. Hers lasted maybe a week, and she only got only one sore, and didn't complain about it once! The only way I saw it is because it was located above her top front teeth. But that's how Laci is when she gets sick; unless there are visible symptoms, I'd never know otherwise. Go figure. She's so active, I know she's been getting cabin-fever, too. I finally ventured out to the grocery store today, since Jacob hasn't thrown up in two days.

Anyway, my intent is not to complain or vent. This has just been my life for the last few weeks - and, the reason for no posts.


Lara said...

It sounds like Jacob could stand to be given acidophilus every day. Not just the activia stuff, either...go to the health food store and buy the good stuff in the fridge..the liquid kind. It's a little pricey, but it is really worth it. We struggle big time with yeast issues at our house, too.

Good luck!

BandHGardner said...

Gosh. I hope everyone gets better soon!

Stacey said...

I am so sorry you have had sickness in your house! You guys are sure missed here.

Lacey said...

Yuck Tiffini! Your poor kids! Glad to see your back! I was worrying about you!

Mariley Johnson said...

So sorry. We've missed hearing from you.


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