Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a little miffed

So, I took the kids to the community splash pool today, which we've done every week this summer - minus a few when I was potty-training Jacob. The kids have a blast. I enjoy having a free place to take them and a reason to get out of the house. I always shoot for 10am, but usually don't get there till around 10:30 or 11. We actually made to the pool at on time...for the first time this summer. I even packed a small picnic so we could stay a little longer, if the kids wanted to. Having accomplished this - as many of you know, is no small feat - I was feeling pretty good about myself. When we arrived, my satisfaction multiplied when I noticed I was the first one there.

Oh, this excitement was quickly dashed when I was approached by the pool watcher (apparently, he's not a lifeguard; so I'm calling him pool watcher.) He's essentially there to make sure we have our pool cards and - as I learned today, that children under the age of 3 have a swim diaper AND plastic cover over the top. Okay, as a fellow parent, I can appreciate the gesture. The last thing I want is for one of my kids to be swimming in a pool when another child has a #2 accident (because let's be honest, here, every child pees in the pool). But, I started to get little annoyed when I told him that Jacob is potty-trained, and the pool watcher responded that he's still under the age of 3. And, I got really annoyed when he told me I could purchase a diaper cover for $10. Ten dollars! That's the same price as a whole pack of swim diapers! I enjoy the splash pool, but not that much.

So, I packed the kids up and we went home. They weren't too disappointed when I suggested a bubble bath with their swimsuits on. They played in there for almost a full hour! Note to self, arrive late at the pool from now on so that the pool watcher will be too busy to notice my 2 1/2 year old without his $10 swim cover!

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Candie said...

How disappointing! I'm potty training Marlie this week - thanks to your recommendation of the 3 day method! Day 2 and counting... I know that there are pools out there that make the kids wear swim diapers and they are expensive! Isn't that why we potty train to begin with, to get rid of the diapers?! Someone always has to rain on the parade... better luck next time!


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