Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm a mean mom

I'm not a big fan of video or computer games. I detest the mind-numbing, sedentary-ness, and noise of it all! Let me illustrate how strongly I feel about this: When Jon Kerry was running for president, his wife revealed in an interview that while raising her children, she would only allow them to watch TV for 30 minutes a day. They also had to write a report on the program they watched. I have been VERY tempted. As it is, I do monitor what my kids watch, how long they watch, and when Laci is in school the TV won't be on during weekdays. Children need to be running, playing, exploring, learning. Not sitting on a couch or chair for hours on end, engaging in brainless activities. TV, video and computer games, in and of themselves aren't bad. But, I just don't want to provide an opportunity for turning into a slave of the TV/computer.

So, even though Laci is almost 5, I haven't allowed her to play video or computer games.

...until recently.

My mom, having worked in the primary for several years, told me about THIS. It's the Friend magazine online. Laci loves the scripture reader section, doing puzzles, and coloring the temple. She especially loves the primary music that plays in the background. I even let her do it on Sunday as a reverent activity (since those can be hard to come by and we don't let our kids play outside).

So, then I explored around a bit, and she can go onto the Disney and PBS websites. She loves the Disney Princess section, and I'm all for developing reading skills! I monitor how long she plays on it, so it's not ALL she does. And, I have to say, it's been a fun discovery for the both of us.

But, I'm curious: what do you think about the subject? (Am I too extreme?) What are your favorite websites for your kids? Do you recommend other educational websites?


Audrey said...

I am also strict about screen time. My kids get one movie (Disney or other cartoon or G rated material) each day. I too believe there is too much imagination to use and activites to be done to spend time uselessly in front of a TV for hours on end. However, I do believe that a break at some point throughout the day provides a break for all of us.
Ryanna loves the Friend site too. We have also liked the sites that read a book to your child on the computer. I think one of them is called starfall or something like that. The mesalibrary site--you don't have to be a member, has like 100 different books that will read to your child also. I like those because it's like me reading a story to them. We have also typed in free math games for kids and found some good addition and subtraction for her. I bought Owen a beginning reading program through Ryanna's scholastic book order and he loves to do that also. Like I said though, I really limit screen time. So, if they get to see TV and want to do the computer too, they don't get more than 30 minutes. It's all sitting in front of a screen right?

Jackie said...

We will never own a game system.

We watch Sesame Street, but it's really limited!

Lacey said...

Elodie loves and playhousedisney- nickjr. isn't as great

I think it's great for coordination.

My goal is all things in moderation- you'll find once school starts for Laci she won't have much time for tv or computer anyway!

debrajo said...

Our limit is 2 hours of "screen time" a day (movies are close to that). is FANTASTIC for learning how to read.


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