Monday, November 30, 2009

kids say the darndest things...

Laci (to Grandma Farnsworth): My mommy has a baby in her tummy, and she didn't eat it to get it there.

Jason takes Laci to a nearby bedroom at his mom's house for timeout. She looks around and says: There's a lot of stuff I can get into.
Jason replies: Good point.
So he walks her to the bathroom. She takes another look around and says: Here, too.

Laci (to Baba Denham): Baba, do you want to hear my joke?
Baba: Okay.
Laci:Why does the chicken sit on it's eggs?
Baba: I don't know. Why?
Laci: (throwing her hands up in the air) Because it doesn't have a chair.
Mom: Where did you hear that?
Laci: Sid the Science Kid.

Papa (Denham): Laci, do you want a baby brother or a baby sister?
Laci: I want a sister.
Papa: Well, what if you get a brother and not a sister, would that be okay?
Laci: No. I already have a brother!

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The Schneider Family said...

She sure is smart & cute! I have not had a working computer for a while, so I have had a lot to catch up on. Congrats on your pregnancy!


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