Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So, I'm lacking in posts simply because my life is very full of the mundane. Who wants to hear about my daily to-do's all the time? It's bad enough hearing them echoing around my head all day!

So here's somewhat of a synopsis of the last few weeks:

Jason has worked every Saturday for 5 weeks. Two weeks ago he worked a 90-hour week. He had to meet some crazy deadline on the first half of the project, and he did it when no one at work thought he would! He's still working long hours - 16-hour days - to finish the second half of the project that needs to be completed by Monday. This means he'll most likely be working yet another Saturday. (Sigh.)

Laci is LOVING preschool and gymnastics... my little sunshine girl! Everything she sets her mind to, she jumps in with both feet and a happy heart.

Jacob is speaking several new words every day. The million-dollar question that he asks several times a day is, "what's this?" so that he can sound out the answer. It is such a fun stage of toddlerhood. He also loves to sing! He and Laci often sing primary songs as they play. (I'm impressed at how much they know! ...So, they really do listen in primary and FHE!)

As for myself, I can't wait for my mom to come into town! She and four of my brothers will be staying at my Grandma's house for a few days of fall break. We can't wait!


Jayson & Sara said...

I for one loving hearing about the mundane. Singing, speaking, and learning .... not boring to me! Have fun with your family in town !

Lacey said...

I like hearing about the mundane stuff too...and are good!
Sorry to hear Jason is gone so much! Atleast he has a job right! ;)

Love ya!

Camie and JD said...

Hey we really need to hang out! what is your number! You can email me or how about you text me. My number is 801 604-7016. Lets get together! :)


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