Saturday, June 20, 2009

happy accident

well, here are the cutting disaster "before" photos:

left side...the beginnings of a mullet

right side;
it's kind of hard to see, but she took out a big chunk on the bottom right behind her ear.
Drum roll please...
Here are the afters:
left side;
the mullet hairs were blended in to look like they are tucked behind her ears.

right side;
we couldn't do a true aline here because of the chunk she took out behind her ear.
However, we were able to keep some length on that side to create an asymetrical bob.

Here's the back.
Thankfully, the waviness in her hair hides the chunkiness on the right side.

Here's the front view after playing with it when we got home. The stylist did more of a page-boy look with the hair plastered around Laci's face.
Just wasn't working for me.

I'm still going to have to play with it some till I feel like it looks just right. But, that's the perfectionist in me coming out.
I really love it! (She was due for a haircut anyway, and I wouldn't have thought of doing this.)
I love how it frames her face, and I think it really suits Laci's personality.
I made sure to give the stylist a really good tip because she saved Laci's hair and our family pictures, which means we can still have Lara be our photographer! YEAH!


Lara said...

She really does look adorable! And that shorter side will seem to grow pretty fast now that it's bobbed. :)

Derek said...

What a sassy haircut!!! Maybe she's just ahead of her time for styling?--This is Audrey!

The Coons Family said...

Perfectly Titled! Her hair is absolutely adorable!! And so is she!

Lacey said...

Very cute! I want to do the short and sassy look for Elodie right before school starts. Right now I'm in love with how her hair looks all long and curly!

BandHGardner said...

Super cute!


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