Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1 year ago...

Jacob was born!

My sweet Jacob, you bring so much to our home. As I contemplate on this past year, I think how difficult your first months of life were, as you dealt with nearly 6 months of colic. It was hard to watch you struggle so much with the pain. Mommy was your only comfort then.

Now, you chase Laci around the house, sometimes playing with her for hours. You've put up with a lot from that little girl! Yet, you never seemed to care much. Somehow you understood that "rough" is just how Laci is - and now, you welcome the rough and tumbles.

Daddy looked forward to your birth ... someone to play trucks with, take to a football game, and perhaps someday, watch your own. How he loves you!

Thank you for your warm smiles and tender hugs. As your mother, I marvel at your quiet strength. Your inner peace and quiet dignity fill the room as you enter. I feel so honored to be your mother, and I can't wait to see what wonderful things the Lord has in store for you.

Happy Birthday! We love you.


Lacey said...

Crazy how fast it goes by! He is so cute! Happy Birthday little Jacob!

Dustin and Erin Watson said...

Hey! I happened to stumble upon your blog today, and I just can't believe how big Laci is! She was not even one when I last saw her. And now you have two! Wow. I'm so glad everything is going good for you guys!

Lara said...

Happy Birthday! Love that picture!


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