Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Saturday Jobs

Laci is my doer. She never sits still, even to read a book! She squirms the entire time or wanders around looking for things to do as she listens. It's very annoying and frustrating to me in this situation, but for the most part, I admire her energy and capacity.

She is also very self-motivated. She was maybe 18 months when she first carried her folded clothes to her room after I finished doing the laundry. I've never had to ask her to take them to her room since! (yes, that was a jaw-dropping experience)

She is my adventurer! She LOVES experiencing and learning new things, regardless of what it is! So, even though she is only 3, I've assigned her some Saturday chores. Of course, it requires a lot of help from Mommy, but I'm impressed at how well she does without me! Here is her job list:

1. Wipe window sills in family room and kitchen with wet rag (I follow behind and dry)

2. Wipe down fireplace glass (she added this one herself!)

3. Straighten and vacuum playroom and bedroom (she does pretty well with the straightening, and I only require her to vacuum along the walls until she gets the hang of it...thankfully, we have a really light-weight vacuum)

4. Clean entry floor (since it's only a 3x3-foot tile area, it's a great size for teaching on! My cute girl, enjoyed it so much, she wanted to help me do the much larger kitchen tile ... Jacob wanted to join in, too!)

Laci is a wonderful big sister, and sets an amazing example for her younger brother!

We are proud of you Laci!


Stacey said...

You figured out pictures yeah! It's a really cute one too! :)

BandHGardner said...

That's so great she is such a big help! It must run in the family... My mom said I was mopping the bathroom floors at 4. ;)

Mariley Johnson said...

Its great when we can let our kids do chores. I just have to work on the control thing and appreciate that they do it even if it isn't the way i would do it. I think the same goes for when my hubby does jobs around the house!

Lacey said...

Look how big she is! I think chores are great. I'm with Mariley though, I'm a little too controlling so for now, Elodie is responsible for cleaning her room, keeping Ginger's dog food bowl full, and setting the table for dinner.
Occasionally she can empty the utensils into the drawer.

We are both learning!

Lara said...

Sophie and Laci sound like kindred spirits. :)

She LOVES to help me do jobs around the house, and gets mad if I don't let her.


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