Friday, November 7, 2008

Feeling Guilty

So, I had an eye-opening experience in my earlier post under "8 Things Jason Did For You Today So You Didn't Have To." I cracked a joke, implying that he does nothing to help me out. But, then I felt guilty all the rest of the day because: 1) am I really so oblivious to the little things? 2) how ungrateful I sound! 3) he really does a lot! So, here are some things he did yesterday so that I didn't have to:

1. went to work
2. took out the trash
3. called about car insurance
4. started the kids' bath water while I finished dishes
5. straightened our bedroom...
6. ...including making the bed (huge service to me! often our room comes last on my list)
7. read Laci and Jacob bedtime stories
8. turned off the light when we went to bed


BandHGardner said...

What a great husband! That was sweet of you to make sure Jason knew how grateful you are for him.

Lara said...

Those little things certainly add up! I love the team we can be when we're really thinking about just those little things.

Jayson & Sara said...

Thanks for playing along! I like learning new things too.


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