Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2 days of fun, fun, fun in the sun!

Part 1: Memorial Day Celebration

When my family comes up to UT for Memorial Day (which depends on when school gets out), we have a really fun tradition! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, great-aunts and -uncles, 2nd cousins - essentially, anyone and everyone who are in the area - meet at Nephi Cemetary. This is a special place to our family, as several of our family members, many of whom were early settlers of the Salt Lake valley, are buried here. Among them rests my Grandpa Tew. Here, local residents put on a Memorial Day program for all the veterans and their families.

Family starting to gather... of course, Jacob had to be passed around. He was a good sport about it, considering that he really doesn't like it.

Jacob and Grandma Tew
(aka: GG or Grandma Great)

Laci and Jacob with my brother, Zac

Laci with Grandma Great

Jacob with my brother, Trey

Jacob with Grandma Farnsworth

Laci standing by Grandpa Tew's grave.
We all gathered 'round and sang "Families Are Forever."
That was a nice touch, Mom.
I just LOVE this picture!

Grandpa's name on the veteran's board: David Ivan Tew
(Korean War).
Also on the list was his father, John Ivan Tew
(World War I).
I found out that my great-uncle Milton, Grandpa's older brother, served in World War II, as well. For some reason his name isn't included on the board ... maybe you have to be buried at the cemetary?
He is a very healthy and independent 88!

Here are the veterans, marching with the colors.

raising the flag

gun salute

Then we headed over for a picnic at our traditional spot, Nephi Park. (not sure if that's the official name)
Laci swinging
(I can't believe how big she's getting!)

Jacob with my brother Dane

And, finishing off the day with a tractor ride!

This tractor wagon has pulled 3 generations of grandchildren!

definitely brought back memories of Grandma and Grandpa's house...the small bowl of mints on Grandma's kitchen table, homemade ice cream, smell of fresh-cut grass, Sunday dinners, playing dressup under the pepper trees...
What would eternity be like without families?!


Jayson & Sara said...

Congratulations on baby #3! That's so exciting! I have so many friends who are having babies in December this year! And how fun to see the celebrations for Memorial Day. I just wish we could have been there.

Jackie said...

Wow, baby #3- congrts! It seems like you just got married. It was fun to see all the pictures of your family. Hopefully we'll get to see you when we come out in Aug.

Dallas said...

I love family traditions like that. It looks like you guys had lots of fun, I miss hanging out with your family! How is everybody doing?

Congrats on baby #3!


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